Приемник EV1527 220в

Приемник EV1527 220в
Цена800 руб.
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Цена 800 руб.
Reciev1527 220v
220 V single CH multi-function remote control switch

1 Features

The company design and manufacture the small volume 220 v single CH remote control switch with 10A relay, Loading 1500 W appliances,it can learn more remote control, all buttons or every remote can be learning.. and one remote can control more switches, more remotes also can control one switch,Simple operation ,supporting flexible and arbitrary combination,the product with more working way, jog, inter-lock, and self-lock, it can be switched By the 1, 2, 3 spot. output method by A, B, C three pads to switch the output charged and output switch signal switching

Mainly used in lamps and lanterns, electric door, window, lifting equipment, gateway, hoist, industrial control and security industry, and other fields

2, the technical parameters

Working voltage: AC180-240 v
Work frequency: 315 MHz / 433 MHz
Maximum load: 1500 W
Working way: jog , self-lock and inter-lock(Adjustable by pad)

Circuit board size: 60 × 30 × 17 mm
Shell size: 66 x 36 × 21 mm

3 learning method

Hold the learning key until the indicator put out. , then press any button of remote, indicator will flash 4 times, then will keep lighting,, at that time,it means it learns successfully.

Note: the controller can learn fixed code (PT2262, SC2260 chip, etc.) / learning code (EV1527, HS2240, etc.) 20 different code
Press any key of remote controls, if beyond , it will clear the first studying remote controller code.

4 clearing method

Continuously hold learning key about 8 seconds until the indicator put out, then keep lighting, it means it clears successfully,,

5 working way switching

Through the sub circuit board behind the pad 1, 2, 3 different local to switch working way
1 jog1, 2, 3 pads non-occupation, not connect
2 self-lock, shorted 1, 2
3, inter-locking shorted 2, 3

NOTE : if you are not professionals.Afer you order it.please tell me what working way do you need? Jog ,inter-lock, or self-lock,,,and what frequency do you need..315/ 433 hmz,we will make sure them work before shipping to you,,if you not tell me the information..we will ship any working way and frequency to you, thanks for your understanding, patience and support

Here is one set ,we have made them work together before ship ,so you don\\\'t worry how to make them work together,there is 1 CH receiver and 2 buttons remote ,so the working way can be choose jog or sel-lock and inter-lock,usually we set inter-lock ,if you need other working way ,please contact our customers service.

Jog---- press one button is ON . loosen your finger on the same button is OFF .need one channel switch and one buttons remote control )
Self -lock----- press one button for one time is ON .press the same button again is OFF .need one channel switch and one buttons remote control
Inter-lock-------press one button is ON , press another button is OFF . (need one channel switch and 2 buttons remote control)
6 Wiring method

1 Output charged control 220 v equipment connection method

2, the output switch signal control the voltage equipment connection method

7, working way and output way switching methods

Work mode switch:
A, Jog -- 1, 2, 3 pads non-occupation, no connection
B, self-locking--Connection 1, 2 position
C, interlock--Connection 2, 3 position (as picture )